Kate Parker and Chris Malloy

August 6th, 2016
Hampton, NH

What happens when two event planners come together in life and love? For Kate and Chris Malloy, a perfectly beautiful wedding.

Kate is a longtime wedding and corporate event planner; Chris is a professional audio, video and lighting designer for political and corporate events. The two have known each other for many years; their engagement and wedding merged their businesses, professional expertise, and love for one another. “Being a wedding planner and a bride at the same time was stressful, but I had to just let go at some point,” admits Kate.

The couple got married at a friend’s oceanfront home in Hampton, NH. True to their event-planning backgrounds, Kate and Chris took charge of different aspects of the day. Kate coordinated colors (blue and gray), flowers (pulled together by a friend and former employee), tables and place-settings, good (sit-down dinner and cocktail hour) and their ceremony overlooking the ocean. Chris built the dance floor, designed the lighting and sound, and stepped in for Kate to address the last-minute questions the day of the wedding.

Despite a last-minute ceremony location change to better accommodate sunlight and outdoor photos, the day went according to plan.

“People expect you to be the happy bride,” laughs Kate. “But the event planner in you wants to know where the napkins are!”

-Written by Debbie Kane

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