Winter is Coming…

Winter is usually known as a time of grey and brown-ness, frigid weather, and a general feeling of I-can’t-wait-for-spring. Here at Seacoast Weddings, we want to celebrate all the incredible things that happen during this cold season! The snow on the ground and how it glitters under the sunlight, the crisp air and how we layer on cute scarves and hats to keep warm, families coming together during the holidays, fresh engagements on New Years Eve, and not to mention the hot alcoholic beverages! (Okay, so they don’t need to be alcoholic, but let’s have a little fun, shall we?).

Truly, there are tons of wonderful reasons why winter is an incredible season, and you will have plenty of Winter Wonderland news, photos, and tips in the 2016 Seacoast Weddings Magazine! We’re going huge on winter, especially since it takes, what, like 7 months out of the year in New England? (Fine, maybe not 7, but it can feel that way!). Let’s get together and share all of our winter stories and have some fun during a time when it’s easier to say “blah” instead of “hurrah!”

So stay tuned for all things winter here at Seacoast Weddings. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for you! Cheers!